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SKS TRADERS is Oldest Consultant Company in  Hi End Home Audio & Video in the Eastern Part of India.Situated at South Kolkata For Nearly Two Decades it Has Made Numerous Happy Souls in 2-Channel Stereo .

Power Amplifier, DAC-4


The DAC-4 offers a well judged alternative to the plethora of other DAC’s available in the current market.  With sound quality top of the list, our watchword ‘Rescuing music from technology’ could not be more appropriate.  Instead of accepting and using the latest digital trends, we have produced a product meticulously engineered to play music. With our own conversion circuits and data reformatting, a near analogue experience can be enjoyed. The DAC-4 is without limitations and has no over sampling or digital filtering.



Inputs ​                                  Three SPDIF coaxial, two SPDIF optical, One  USB type

                                             B, Mains IEC socket

Outputs                                One RCA stereo analogue

                                             One digital coaxial

Front Panel Controls            Power switch, power lamp, input selector switch, digital

                                              lock lamp


Output                                   2.15 Volts

Frequency Response           20Hz-20kHz +/- 1.5dB points

Signal to Noise                     >80dB

Gross Weight  (packed)       5kgs

Dimensions                          90 x 250 x 330mm (hwd)

Digital Input                           SPDIF 16-24 bit word length, with sample rates from

                                              32 to 96kHz

Power Consumption            12 Watts


Up to 24/96 file compatibility, USB up to 16 bit 44.1ks/s.

SKS Traders
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