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TEAC AI-301DA-X Excellent sound in your living room or on your desktop, A compact integrated amplifier with Bluetooth®. receiver The AI-301DA-X is a successor to the AI-301DA, offering a newly refined audio performance tuned in Europe. In order to update the sound quality to meet today’s requirement for Hi-Res sound, our engineers have carried out …

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DAC-4 The DAC-4 offers a well judged alternative to the plethora of other DAC’s available in the current market.  With sound quality top of the list, our watchword ‘Rescuing music from technology’ could not be more appropriate.  Instead of accepting and using the latest digital trends, we have produced a product meticulously engineered to play …

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Sugden A21 SE

Sugden A21SE Signature Integrated Amplifier The special edition A21SE integrated amplifier builds on the strengths of the classic A21. Offering pure class A single ended voltage rail operation, the sound remains distinctively ‘Sugden’. Upgraded with a fifty percent larger power supply and increased power output, dynamics are even more impressive. A sophisticated pre-amplifier stage is …

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Sugden A21

Power Amplifier Sugden A21 The Sugden pure class A design provides affordable high-end performance from a beautifully engineered single box integrated amplifier.  Compact in size with a simple but stylish design, the A21 is possibly the only amplifier you will ever need. With many of the original A21’s still in daily use after fifty years, …

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AURUM CANTUS MELODY CENTER SPEAKE Design:2-way 3-units, bass reflex rear ported. Frequency response:48Hz-40kHz Sensitivity:90dB/W/m Impedance:4 ohms (the minimum is 3.2 ohms). Power requirement:50-150W recommended. Tweeter:Model:G3i. Aluminum ribbon type (the size of aluminum ribbon(LWT):100mm×8.5mm×0.01mm),high power handling(50W), high output(98dB/W/m), easily field-replaceable, shielded design. Midwoofer:Model: AC-165S/25CK 6.5″/165mm. NON-WOVEN CARBON FIBER +KEVLAR cone, the voice coil of 1″/25mm copper …


Aurum Cantus 620 Floor standing Speaker

Aurum Cantus 620 Floor standing Speaker Design:2.5-way vented-box Frequency Response:35Hz-30kHz Sensitivity (2.83V/1m):89dB Impedance:4 ohms (minimum 3.2 ohms) Power Requirement:50-200W recommended Tweeter:Model: APR2.2. Sandwich aluminum ribbon tweeter, the size of aluminum ribbon(LWT):60mm×8.5mm×0.015mm. High power handling, shielded design, easily field-replaceable for the ribbon. Midwoofer: Model: AC165/DC35F1, 1×165mm (6.5″). Aluminum frame, the compositecone(PP, carbon and mica), 35mm (1.38″) copper clad …

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Aurum Cantus Floor Stand Speaker Aurum Cantus V80F floor stand speaker it is 3-way vented box design. Frequency response of the speaker is 30Hz -40kHz ad sensitivity (2.89V/1m) 88dB. Impedance of the speaker is 8 ohms (minimum 6.4 ohms). Aurum Cantus V80F floor stand speaker need 50-250W power requirement. Tweeter Model: APR1.0. Sandwich aluminum ribbon …

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Aurum Cantus LEISURE 2SE MKII Bookshelf Speaker

Aurum Cantus LEISURE 2SE MKII Bookshelf Speaker The Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 SE MKII incorporates an aluminium ribbon tweeter that has great value and world-class performance.  It offers a combination of real natural sound, graceful timbre making it suitable for all music tastes.  There is 2-way vented-box 55Hz to 40kHz frequency Range. Sensitivity of the speaker …

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